Dear Depression…

Because it Mental Health Awareness Month…

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Dear Depression

Hey there.

I know you’re here.

I wrote a letter to OCD before, but I realized I never wrote one to you. I wanted to take this time to acknowledge your existence as well.

Depression, you are ugly, strong and beastly. I always thought you would never be part of my story. I never wanted to get to know you, and I don’t wish even for my worst enemy to have you as their story.

You crept up into my life out of nowhere. I thought I was just overly stressed, but you slowly took over my thoughts and ran me over. The thought of you makes me shiver, but I am here to talk to you, face to face, and share how you may have try to wreck me, but you only made me stronger.

I thought I had it all, being a young research fellow, preparing for…

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