“My First Love was Genge/ Kapuka”, a fan reminisces

A stroll down memory lane


By The Black Kennedy.

Have you ever watched Magic Johnson’s executive-produced movie, Brown Sugar? It details the story of a young girl who falls in love with hip hop at the age of 10 and grows, changing with it all through the years. In the end, you realize she viewed hip hop as her boyfriend and her boyfriend as hip hop. Well, I can tell a similar story, except, am not a girl and I probably will never marry hip hop because my first love was, and still remains, Genge/Kapuka.

The first ‘local’ song I heard and fell in love with was the dynamic duo, GidiGidi Majimaji’s “Unbwogable”. It was around 2001 and Mr. Nice had just released the much famed “Kuku Kapanda Baiskeli”. This was a formative time in my life and I was still quite impressionable. Over the next few months, as we went into…

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