Forty One Months

She always trembled whenever we kissed. But this day was different. She did not tremble, and the kiss felt cold. Like it was forced on her. The passion was not there. I did not pay much attention to it though.  Ruth and I were good. We had always been ever since we first met in … Continue reading Forty One Months


Gone Like The Wind

Maybe you are the kind of well mannered chap who would never sleep with their mouth open. Or you are the kind that would never sleep on their back - even though doctors and nutritionists have told you to. So one lonely Saturday morning you will wake up late because your alarm did not go … Continue reading Gone Like The Wind

Lunch – With a Touch of Pink

Along Geoffrey Kamau Road (the section of the Mombasa-Nairobi-Malaba highway that runs on the periphery of Nakuru town) there is a nondescript flight of stairs. It is tucked between two greasy walls painted in some shade of off-black (grayish, brownish, black). It might be considered the staircase to heaven. (Pardon my blasphemy) If you are … Continue reading Lunch – With a Touch of Pink