A School, A Church, A Cemetery…

In the distance, I could hear the drones of a few nuns reciting the rosary inside the church. That church that always looked somber, and would often give me the feeling of being a great sinner. Everything in it always seemed so slow and meticulous and organized. It was very depressing. Though there is one time something frightening happened there. We were dragged out to be beaten by the Mathematics teacher for failing to kneel during mass. He was also the boarding master. And had conveniently decided not to like me.


You Tell Me

Me and my partner, we talk about normal things. But in weird ways. If a stranger were to listen to us. They would swear we are crazy. And it would probably be true. Because the things we say are just abnormal. We could be talking about why fish would be a better option than beef … Continue reading You Tell Me