Dear Depression…

Because it Mental Health Awareness Month…

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Dear Depression

Hey there.

I know you’re here.

I wrote a letter to OCD before, but I realized I never wrote one to you. I wanted to take this time to acknowledge your existence as well.

Depression, you are ugly, strong and beastly. I always thought you would never be part of my story. I never wanted to get to know you, and I don’t wish even for my worst enemy to have you as their story.

You crept up into my life out of nowhere. I thought I was just overly stressed, but you slowly took over my thoughts and ran me over. The thought of you makes me shiver, but I am here to talk to you, face to face, and share how you may have try to wreck me, but you only made me stronger.

I thought I had it all, being a young research fellow, preparing for…

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Defective Child

One day in December, almost two hundred months ago, my mother came home early. About three o’clock in the afternoon. It was an odd time for her to come back. And I could tell something different was afoot. It must have been a Monday or a Tuesday. I was outside playing a game of cards … Continue reading Defective Child

Mental Health In Kenya: A Hopeful Tomorrow

I came across a soul that speaks my language…

The Young Doc

The World Mental Health Day is marked on October 10th each year. Its purpose is to raise awareness of mental health issues, increase education on the topic and attempt to eliminate the stigma attached. It is hoped that this, in turn, will encourage sufferers to seek help and Medical support. The theme for this year’s day was ‘Young people and mental health in a changing world’. As a young person, and a medical student incidentally in his Psychiatric rotation in school, this couldn’t be more relevant.

My first interaction with matters mental health was on twitter and a blog on conversations ran by @Sitawa_Wafula, a mental health warrior. I didn’t pay much attention to the same until recently when the issue of depression and suicide in the society was brought to the limelight in the wake of a number of suicidal acts by prominent personalities. This sparked conversations on…

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